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Solar Panels That Work Better on Cloudy Days

solar panels uk technologyScientists recently developed solar technology that makes them more efficient on cloudy days. The National Physical Laboratory are the guys behind this discovery.

The materials these panels are made from are much thinner cloth than regular panels. Although everything is still in early development stages there is hope to develop new products such as bags and clothing using the material. These could be used to charge your phone or mobile devices like tablets.

This new material has been named “organic photovoltaic”, it utilises organic molecules instead of the traditional semi-conductors.

Although the cells are more efficient in cloud (by around 3% more compared to direct sunlight) they are not more efficient than traditional solar panels are in direct light. Due to the lower direct sunlight we get in the uk these are an ideal substitute and will be more efficient.

UK solar energy is becoming more popular with the rising costs of gas and oil. The savings involved (and even gains) over the long run makes it a worth while investment. Find more information about solar panel installations here.